Miss Minnesota USA

Catherine Stanley

Miss Minnesota USA 2019

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Catherine Stanley was born in the small farm town of Cambridge, Minnesota. As a child, she spent time playing outdoors with her dogs and sitting inside reading about animals. She could accurately be described as a “nerdy tomboy.”

She faced many hardships growing up, that included living with a family member struggling with addiction, another with a mental illness and even facing homelessness. Catherine believes that her experiences with these unfortunate circumstances have given her the gift of being able to compassion and the ability to connect with those experiencing similar challenges. Her hope is to continue to encourage, and be an example for others hoping to rise above their circumstances.

In 2014, her life was changed forever when she was crowned Miss Minnesota Teen USA. Her life prior to winning the title was filled with insecurity and self doubt. Her life following it was filled with the opposite. During the year of her reign, she was encouraged, inspired, and humbled by her many interactions with so many amazing individuals. Those experiences led to a wonderful transformation in her personal life, that included a blossoming self confidence and an appreciation for just how important a role the Miss USA Pageant can play in the lives of so many! That appreciation led her to commit herself to a life of continuing to share with, and help others.

Since that time, in an effort to further that commitment, Catherine has focused on her education, with a desire to become a physician The thought of one day being able to directly improve the lives of others, continually motivates Catherine to work hard toward her future profession. While in college, she volunteered with children around the world, and was also instrumental in the initiation of a new volunteering organization at her university which was established to educate underprivileged children in healthy diet and nutrition practices. She graduated in December of 2018 from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, with an emphasis in Pre-Medicine.

As Miss Minnesota USA 2019, while preparing for medical school, she hopes to encourage and empower young men and women to rise above their circumstances, follow their passions, and be the very best they can be!